Framed Prints


The bird prints are reproductions of the original pencil drawings used to create the patterns. Only 50 prints have been made of each of the 15 birds showcased on the final product, ensuring their exclusivity and uniqueness. The prints are printed on 65 lb. linen-finished cardstock, giving them a luxurious and textured feel. Each print captures the intricate details and fine lines of the original pencil drawings, showcasing the beauty and grace of the birds. These prints make a stunning addition to any art collection or a thoughtful gift for bird enthusiasts.

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8.5″ x 11″


quetzal, Blue-chinned sapphire hummingbird, Great kiskadee, Scarlet Macaw, Scarlet Flycatcher, Amazonian motmot, Cock-of-the-rock, Common Kingfisher, Parrot, Masked trogon, Budgerigar, Toucan, Velvet-purple coronet hummingbird


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